EJ12 Girl Hero


This unique adventure series for young girls has now sold nearly three quarters of a million copies, making it one of Australia’s most popular children’s series. Now it’s the girls’ turn to save the world!

Special Agent EJ12 cracks codes and foils evil plans all over the world. Emma Jacks worries about mean girls, gym comps and not having perfect hair. EJ12 is Emma Jacks. Saving the world is the easy part!

Perfect for newly confident chapter book readers.

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EJ Spy School


The much-loved EJ12 Girl Hero character now stars in a first chapter series perfect for beginner readers!

EJ Spy School introduces the hugely popular character Emma Jacks as she first joins the secret agency SHINE spy school and starts to train as a SHINE agent.

With careful choice of age appropriate words, concepts, sentence lengths and chapter lengths, EJ Spy School is the perfect series to help build the reading confidence and enjoyment of beginner readers.

Suitable for beginner and newly confident chapter book readers.

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Stuff Happens


Stuff Happens is an important new series for boys about everyday challenges. Created by Susannah McFarlane the series editor and published by Penguin Australia, the series is written by established authors Tony Wilson, Andrew Daddo, Philip Gwynne, Will Kostakis, Oliver Phommavanh, and Scott Gardner. Each book features a different character and follows them as they overcome a particular everyday challenge.

Aimed at boys aged between 7 and 11, the Stuff Happens series explores those everyday struggles in life that boys can sometimes be reluctant to express: quarrels with mates, a bad day at school, fear of disappointing mum and dad, rejection and not fitting in.

Stuff Happens. Real-life stories for boys. Suitable for beginner and newly confident readers.

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Boy vs Beast


The new generation editions of this wildly popular fantasy adventure series for early and reluctant readers.

Fast-paced and loaded with high energy whilst maintaining a low word count and simple sentence structure, Boy vs Beast takes reading to young boys on their terms.

Only a wall divides Earth from the Beasts of Beastium. Only a boy and his dogbot defend the wall and protect Earth. Kai Masters. Border guard and beast battler. Let the battles commence!

Perfect for beginner and reluctant reading boys.

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Little Mates


With Amelia, Ben and Callum, Declan, Elliot and Fred,
There’s a bush-load of beaut buddies, All the way from A to Z!

Journey with the Little Mates through 26 beautiful stories of friendship and fun, from Amazing Amelia to Zippy Zoe.

With charming illustrations by Lachlan Creagh, Little Mates is perfect for reading aloud to young children.

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