Heartlines: The Year I Met My Other Mother



Fast-paced, warm and emotional, this is an adoption reunion story that pulls you along a wonderful, if wobbly, roller coaster ride of loss and love, confusion and connection.

Heartlines is a piercingly honest and often hilarious story of what it takes for families to reconnect – and stay there – after a lifetime apart.

In 1965 Robin gave her baby up for adoption, unseen, unwanted. After ten days alone, the baby was taken to a new home, named Susannah, and made part of a wonderful family that loved her. The adoption laws at the time guaranteed that there could be no contact between birth mother and child. Ever.

Nearly fifty years later, mother and daughter meet. With unflinching honesty, Robin and Susannah share their letters, emails, texts and reactions as they fight to build a relationship against the odds. How they face their hurdles will have you chastising and cheering them in equal measure.

At once unique and universal, Heartlines is a story of courage and forgiveness, and what can happen when you open your heart rather than close it, when you decide to stay just as every fearful instinct tells you to run away, and why our most challenging relationships can sometimes hold the greatest rewards.


What Heartline’s readers are saying:

‘What a ripping story … so compelling!’

‘This is a beautiful book. I loved every honest word. It’s stunning.’

‘It is the first time, in a long time, that I can recall having such a visceral
relationship with any book.’

‘I couldn’t put it down – I read it in one sitting then had to call my mum.’