Mac Park is Back!

I’ve teamed up once again with my old writing partner Louise Park to create a brand new Mac Park series called D-Bot Squad and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Published by Allen & Unwin in July 2017, it’s a super exciting series about dinosaur robots for beginner readers. Yes you read that right … DINOSAUR ROBOTS!

We had so much fun writing Boy Vs Beast together, which turned out to be a really great series to get boys reading, that we decided to create a whole new series just for beginner readers. With D-Bot Squad we have combined un-put-downable content with success-reading readability, so the series will be perfect for reluctant readers, and will not only get them reading but keep them reading.

The fun illustrations are by the super talented James Hart too, who has illustrated loads of popular series.

You can read more about the first four books in the series here – and keep an eye out for our new Mac Park website which will be coming soon.

New Series D-Bot Squad Mac Park

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