Susannah McFarlane is one of Australia’s bestselling children’s authors and her hugely popular series include EJ12 Girl Hero, EJ Spy School, Little Mates and the Mac Park series Boy vs Beast and D-Bot Squad (which she co-authors with Louise Park). She is also the publisher and concept creator of the Zac Power and Go Girl! series.

All her series have one thing in common – they empower and inspire young children to discover a love of stories and uncover the power found in words.



Susannah creates stories that kids love – and she helps kids create and tell their own stories. Contagiously energetic and inspiring, and linking to key curriculum objectives, Susannah’s workshops for primary school students take kids’ reading and writing to a new level of engagement and enjoyment.

Whether you’d like her to run a writing workshop, an author talk, or an empowering Girl Hero Project seminar for young girls, Susannah can work with your school to develop or adapt her packages to suit your students’ needs. Or you can choose from her previously successful workshops and author talks below.



Australian Animals Are Actually Amazingly Ace!
A Little Mates story reading and slightly hysterical alliteration writing workshop for Preps – Year 2.

Ideas and How to Catch Them
How do we get ideas for our stories? What do we when we are stuck for ideas? Brain un-blockers and idea-starter workshop for Years 3–5.

How not to write the most boring sentence in the world
Seeing beyond the simple sentence to the whole story that’s really in your head. General story writing workshop for Years 3–5.

How Books are Made: Publishing for Kids
How do stories become books? Susannah takes you through all the key steps in book publishing from the first idea to brainstorming and drafting to editing and illustration to book covers and marketing. An interactive workshop that involves kids in the decision-making. For Years 3–6.



Calling All Secret Agents!
Do you have what it takes to be a secret agent? While telling the story behind EJ Girl Hero and taking kids on a code-cracking mission, Susannah turns an ordinary school into a top secret spy agency in this interactive talk that’s as much about the power of wondering and imagination as it is about problem-solving.

Boom! Pow! Aaaaarrggghh!: Mac Park’s Boy vs Beast and D-Bot Squad
What if mega-mutant beasts were real? What if dinosaurs were still alive and on the loose? Using examples from her best-selling series Susannah unlocks story ideas and kickstarts big imaginations in this fun and inspiring talk.



The Girl Hero Project ( aims to inspire young girls through the power of words and storytelling. With strong links to the PERMA model of positive psychology, Susannah draws on both current and historical examples of girls who are making positive change in the world to inspire, empower and build confidence in a new generation of girls. For Years 3–6.




‘As both writer and publisher, Susannah brings an amazing insight into the world of books for children. Her knowledge of what it takes to potentially hook young readers onto a lifetime of reading is broad and incisive – she has been an impressive speaker at our Professional Development events for teachers and librarians.’ – The Kids’ Bookshop

‘Susannah has just completed her hugely anticipated, second stint as our Writer in Residence. [Her] story writing sessions were a resounding success once again, with students enthused and engaged by Susannah’s good humoured and knowledgeable approach to writing and publishing and her willingness to share it. Their only question is, how soon can she come back again?’ – Ardoch Youth Foundation and Seaford Park Primary
‘Susannah spoke to students about her journey from school girl to successful author and her passion for the Girl Hero Project. She proved to be a lively and engaging speaker, connecting strongly with our students. Her energy and strong communication skills allowed her to capture the interest and enthusiasm of not only our Junior School students, but also our Senior School Literature Club students.’ – Ruyton Girls’ School